The Youth Ministries department nurtures and empowers its young members, through the Accra City Conference terrotories and churches which oversees ministries to specific age groups which are the Adventurers and Pathfinders. The Youth department strives to meet the spiritual, social and lifestyle needs of those from 16 into their 20s. The Adventist Youth Society—created by youth for youth more than 125 years ago—now links to many youth in every church and municipality of the southern part of ghana.

The Youth Ministries department mission statement reflects its emphasis on service and its confidence in the abilities of the younger generation: “To lead young people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and help them embrace His call to discipleship.

”The Seventh-day Adventist Church focuses on youth because it is indebted to them for its beginnings and it depends on them for its future.

Pr. Mark Hado

Youth Ministries Director

Youth Ministries Director

Seventh-day Adventist Church Accra City Conference
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